Cefla Finishing

The MITO-KG by Cefla Finishing is an oscillating spray machine with paper-covered conveyor.

The spray application technology is particularly interesting for the glass industry, especially in processes operating with frequent color changes.

Features and Benefits

  • Reducing paint waste by 30% by use of a detecting barrier with automatic economizer.
  • Transfer efficiency of 80% due to the special plenum.
  • The utmost rapidity in color change, so as to obtain the best performances in small dimensions lots.

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Cefla Finishing

Prima by Cefla Finishing, the first truly automated spraying system! The Prima’s reciprocating sprayer is especially recommended for switching over from manual spraying to automatic spraying thanks to its user-friendliness, reliability, affordable investment and low operating costs.

The Prima is suitable for any water- or solvent-based coating product spraying, and is the ideal machine for companies wishing to make the most of the advantages offered by spraying: increased productivity, coating product saving, and consistent panel finishing quality

Features and Benefits

  • Prima is the first machine combining the ability to spray over a working width of 1300 mm, with the currently lowest market price for an automatic sprayer with these performances.
  • Its output rate ranges between 1 and 3 min. Productivity is therefore much higher than in both the manual spraying booths and the lower-width spraying machines.
  • The disposable paper-covered conveying unit offers all the advantages of a continuous conveyor belt: no overspray on panel undersides, consistent panel face/edge coating.
  • No machine downtime needs to be allowed for cleaning purposes at the end of the work shift: it is only necessary to regularly change the paper coils and replace the filters.
  • Natural air inlet that prevents coat from accumulating in the spray area.
  • A high efficiency fan ensures suction. The inlet air goes through two-stage, large surface dry filters: the system combines high efficiency with reduced working maintenance costs.

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