Digital Printers: Pixart Plot


Pixart Plot

Pixart Plot by Decodigit is a multipass digital decoration system for controlled, timed application of UV inks to all kinds of material.

Pixart Plot is solution for large-size, high definition printing. A multipass solution for extremely large-sized item printing without compromising on quality and resolution.

No surface that can’t be personalized, no limits to the ideas and imagination of designers: with Pixart Plot,color has reached a new dimension. Automation consists in a high precision Cartesian robotic feeding system. The graphical management software allows high-definition, four-color images to be printed via 4 color modules, which can be expanded to 6 for “spot” colors.

Features and Benefits

  • The 8-level variable drop placement system (gray level) produces extremely high printing optical resolution.
  • Wide color set (gamut) thanks to the brightness level of the 4 basic UV colors.
  • Possibility of printing digitally on clear media, including white backgrounds, for extremely bright, high contrast prints.
  • Practical and ergonomic operator interface with a large-sized (17”) touch-screen.
  • Fully compatible with the print work flow management integrated system (CRONO) ensuring totally independent development, correction, touch-up, complex project management, image layout.
  • Available operation modes: “feed through” allowing in-line connection to the machine or “batch” with loading/unloading on the machine indeed side for sampling applications or use in the stand-alone configuration.

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