Insulating Glass Production Lines


Automatic Insulating Glass Production Line

IGIS Insulating Glass Line

IGIS's automatic Double/Triple Insulating Glass Production LINE is a series of carefully designed machinery by implementing customer's needs in a flexable and faithful manner, to achieve its primary objective: "Optimize system efficiency and functionality."


Max Glass Size: 3,210 x 6050 mm
Min Glass Size : 200 x 400 mm
Glass Thickness: 3 - 12 mm (standard) / 3 - 30 mm (optional)
I.G. Unit Thickness: 12 - 60 mm (standard) / over 60 mm (optional)
Spacer Width: 6 - 24 mm (standard) / over 25 mm (optional)

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Video: IGIS Automatic Insulating Glass Production Line

Video: IGIS Automatic Loader

Video: IGIS Pre- Processing Line