Glass Handling Robotics

Robotic glass handling systems are designed to make your glass manufacturing process more autonomous and safe. With glass handling robots, you can make "islands", a group of machines that can autonomously run the entire process.  They can also come with safety gates to minimize any potential operator error.



Denver Robotic Integration Solutions with Denver Quota


The Denver CNC Line allows you the ability to take advantage of the latest in robotic automation. Denver’s robotic integration allows efficient loading, unloading and continuous production with reduced labor, increased safety and increased production output with decreased rejects/reworks due to efficient handling of the glass.​

Denver provides robotic integration solutions for the vertical Advance Plus, the horizontal 3-axis Krea Fit, 3/4-axis Quota and even 5-axis Digit.

Call 1-800-234-1982 or send an email to to learn more about Denver Robotic Integration Solutions.

Denver Robotic Integration Solutions with Advance Plus

Denver Robotic Integration Solutions with Denver Krea Fit    


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QComp Glass Handling Automation


SALEM Flat Glass & Mirror, partnering with QComp, offers flexible glass handling systems that are capable of working with a large range of flat glass sizes with speed, precision and robustness. QComp can provide customizable robotic systems for virtually any routine loading/unloading or transfer task within a glass fabrication environment including solutions for insulated glass (IG) lines, glass washers, seamers, lamination lines and more.

Call 1-800-234-1982 or send an email to to learn more about QComp Glass Handling Automation.

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Bovone Robotics System


​The Bovone Robotic System (BRS) offered by SALEM is the answer to your need for more automation to increase production and to reduce labor costs and risks in your glass fabrication facility. This robotic glass handling system revolutionizes glass handling with cutting-edge technology. The BRS brings a new level of production capability to the glass industry by providing automatic loading and unloading of vertical glass edgers as well as a variety of other applications to maximize productivity. The BRS is available in an array of configurations and can be custom designed to fit most any application.​

Bovone Robotics Systems

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