Glass Tempering Furnace

Glass tempering machines are designed to make finished pieces of glass both stronger and safer in the event that they break. Glass tempering furnaces heat up a piece of glass to a very high temperature, usually over 600° Celsius, and then rapidly cool it uniformly using air jets, a process called quenching.  The rapid cooling causes the surface of the glass to undergo extreme compression, making it much stronger against impacts and heat shock.  Additionally, due to the intense pressures within the glass, in the event that it fails, it shatters into several tiny and relatively spherical pieces, making it much less likely for people to become injured from the shards.


ARC Automated Roll Cleaner

The ARC Automated Roll Cleaner is an innovate automatic cleaning system for tempering furnace ceramic rollers.  The ARC is installed inside the furnace for easy and efficient cleaning.  The ARC cleans and polishes under totally dry conditions, making chemicals and water no longer necessary for the cleaning process.  The PLC in the cabinet allows an operator to manage and control all ARC functions while it is in operation.

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HHH Tempering Resources Inc.

Our subsidiary company, HHH Tempering Resources Inc., has a wide variety of tempering lines to meet your needs, including the NorthGlass tempering furnaces below.  Go to to see their entire lineup!


AG-1 Series - 2nd Generation Glass Tempering Furnaces

-Stable and reliable intelligent control system
-User friendly machine interface
-Accurate control of all heating units
-Anti-deformation ceramic transition rollers at entry and exit doors
-Staggered arrangement of each of the 8-row blowing nozzles for even quenching
-Cold-drawing quench rollers against deformation
-Lateral swing quenching walls result in minimized distortion defect 
-Easy and convenient replacement of conveyor transmission belts without disassembly
-Random re-entry position control of oscillating strokes for uniform stress distribution

AD-1-GD Series - Glass Tempering Furnaces

Superior Production Capacity
-Double Heating Chambers -first chamber is top and bottom gapless convection, second chamber is radiation, equipped with two quenching and cooling sections
-Offers a production capacity several times that of a single-chamber furnace 

Perfect Glass Optical Quality
-Perfectly ensures the tempered glass optical quality to state of "Super Flat without distortion", with high duplicated accuracy

Ideal Tempering Process
-Glass panels are evenly heated during one-way transmission, thus minimizing glass breakage inside the heating chamber.

Low Energy Consumption
-Unit's power consumption is minimalized as a result of continuous production method

UL Approved


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