Glass Fabrication Washer

Glass cleaning machines are designed to quickly both clean and dry pieces of glass that have been worked on.  Manufactured pieces of glass can have tiny pieces, called swarf, left over from grinding and cutting or have residual cerium oxide on it after polishing. Glass fabrication washers are designed for a continuous workflow to automate the washing process.



ZAFFERANI - Vertical Washers

Zafferani glass fabrication washers are built to withstand the rigors of high-quality production washing. The frame as well as all of the other structural elements in contact with water is constructed of stainless steel. These units feature an open top design in order to wash large glass sheets in two passes.

All components are in strict compliance with the CE European standards.

Junior 130SV/19
Junior 160SV/19

Double-glazing vertical glass cleaning machine equipped with 4 vertical brushes for the washing of glass sheet from 3 up to 19 mm. (OPEN TOP).



Glass Thickness: 3 – 19 mm
Maximum Height: 1300 mm
Minimum Size: 250 x 50 mm
Speed: 3m/min
Power: 7 Kw
Weight: 1050 Kg


Glass Thickness: 3 – 19 mm
Maximum Height: 1600 mm
Minimum Size: 250 x 50 mm
Speed: 3m/min
Power: 7 Kw
Weight: 1200 Kg

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Billco Super EV Vertical Glass Washer

Super EV Vertical Glass Washer

The low cost 60" Open-Top Style Vertical Washer is designed for low- to mid-volume glass fabricators wishing to automate glass cleaning with a low capital investment and small floor footprint.


Ideal For:

  • Custom and replacement insulating window producers
  • Post-fabrication washing or other specialty glass assembly lines
  • Secondary manufacturing lines for custom or make-up work

Advantages of the Super EV:

  • Open-top design allows for single-pass cleaning up to 60” (1524mm) in height. Larger lites to be processed with second pass through the washer
  • Compact foot print
  • Easily operated and maintenance friendly
  • Affordable price
  • Low E coatings compatible
  • Reduced water consumption with filtration package
  • PLC control with HMI touch screen operation

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Billco Horizontal Washer

Standard Series Horizontal Washers

With more than 60 years of experience and thousands of customers world-wide, Billco's Standard Series glass cleaning machine, offered by SALEM, is a durable, dependable solution for your glass washing needs. An array of optional features permit for custom configurations to suit your individual plant processing needs.


Low E Compatible – meets most demanding processing requirements

Exclusive Drying System – provides reliable drying at high processing speeds

Low-Maintenance Design – minimizes downtime for more efficient uptime

Interface Capability – compatible with downstream equipment control systems

PLC with Touchscreen Control – provides ease of operation and troubleshooting

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BOVONE 2LAS series - Horizontal Washers

The Bovone 2LAS30 horizontal glass cleaning machine was designed to wash and dry flat glass from small job shops to the largest production facility. This washer is ruggedly built to ensure years of trouble-free operation. The 2LAS30 is capable of washing pieces from as small as 1-3/16" X 1-3/4" up to 11-3/16" square.

2LAS 30
Maximum glass width: 11-3/16"

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BOVONE COMPANION - Vertical Washer

The Bovone Companion is an open top washing unit designed to mount on the exit conveyor of bevelers or edgers. This unique glass fabrication washer effectively removes cerium oxide and glass swarf from polished glass.