New Revolutionary Cup Wheel Mounting System

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The BDT ClickFit System

SALEM Flat Glass & Mirror, partnering with BDT®, brings you the Click-Fit. This revolutionary cup wheel mounting system, used in the pre-processing of flat glass in both grinding and polishing applications, allows any fabricator to utilize a universal mechanical connection by installing an adapter to each spindle. With the adapter in place, any wheel type can be connected to any machine using this patented universal locking technology. Designed to utilize a plastic backing plate mounted with diamond, resin, abrasive, or cerium wheels, the Click-Fit system reduces downtime for wheel changes, by a minimum 60%, with its easy on/off “Click” technology.

Glass Magazine 2019 Best Innovation For the Factory Award Banner

The BDT Click-Fit system is Glass Magazine's Best Innovation for the Factory Award for 2019.