Our Industries

Salem Distributing Company successfully serves four distinct industries: Architectural Glass, Architectural Stone, Precision Electro-Optical, and Ophthalmic. All of these diverse industries share the common theme of producing a specified surface condition. From brilliant beveled mirrors to critical surface preparation of precision optics and semiconductor material to pristine finishes of high-index ophthalmic lenses, Salem is capable of supplying the materials and technical expertise needed for these processes. This complex relationship of industries, materials, and applications has served to build a vast wealth of product and process knowledge unique to a single company.

Salem Distributing Company, Inc. serves these industries through its divisions:
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SALEM is on the cutting edge of innovation in the Flat Glass & Mirror Industry.

Our valuable reputation with our manufacturers allows SALEM Flat Glass & Mirror to offer a wide variety of products to meet your demands with cost-effectiveness and high quality. SALEM will continue to provide the highest quality products and search out new ways to expand our product growth.

Excellent customer service from our knowledgeable sales team and technical support from our experienced technicians will help you get the job done today!

From MAKO™ and CUDA™ saw blades and a fine line of polishing pads, to bricks and tool holders; you'll find our impressive line of diamond tooling and supplies to be superior in performance and value. SALEM Stone represents diamond tooling from leading manufacturers for both CNC and manual applications. This array of innovative diamond tools allows SALEM to uniquely offer the best tooling to match any application.

SALEM Advanced Surfaces is your complete source for innovative, state-of-the-art surfacing and polishing materials. SALEM offers a line of high-quality precision compounds for processing cutting edge materials like Aluminum Nitride, Silicon and Sapphire.

SALEM’s materials are designed explicitly to enhance the quality and efficiency of any precision surfacing and polishing application.

Our goal is to deliver precision materials coupled with a single-minded commitment to ensure your success.

SALEM entered into the Ophthalmic Industry in 1972 as a regional supplier of re-usable glass lens polishing pads. The technology utilized to produce these polishing materials was the precursor to the state of the art processes employed today. It was this type of forward-thinking that led SALEM from these modest beginnings to a major supplier of a complete line of innovative surfacing and polishing materials. From industry-leading lens tapes to high-performance fining and polishing pads our line-up of supplies will ensure optimum production from small to wholesale labs.