www.salemdist.com • 800.234.1982 MISCELLANEOUS 73 TENAX PECTRO Webbing and Fissure Repair SIZE DESCRIPTION PART# LIST PRICE 1 qt Pectro Clear 1MR00BG50 35.34 1 qt Pectro Black 1MRT01BG50 35.34 TENAX Color Enhancers and Sealers SIZE DESCRIPTION PART# LIST PRICE 1 qt Ager 1MPA00BG50 69.04 1 qt Ager Tiger for exotic stones 1MPA001BG50 101.00 SALEM SEAL 10.3 oz High Performance 100% Silicone Sealants DESCRIPTION PART# LIST PRICE Aluminum Silicone GS929CA 3.28 ea. Black Silicone GS929CBL 3.28 ea. White Silicone GS929CW 3.28 ea. Clear Silicone GS929CC 2.10 ea. Clear w/ Mildew Resistance GS929MRCC 3.28 ea. SPECIAL PREP WAXES SIZE DESCRIPTION PART# LIST PRICE 1 lb Black Wax EC14N 18.30 1 lb Clear Wax EC13B 18.00 • Non-staining and non-sag with low temperature flexability, high temperature performance, and designed for interior and exterior applications 24/Case (only sold in full cases) • OTHER COLORS AVAILABLE