www.salemdist.com • 800.234.1982 MACHINES 75 IN-LINE POLISHERS Luna 880 S Luna 880 L Luna 740 S Luna 740 L Lola 500 Viva 220 VERTICAL IN-LINE POLISHER Vela 216 CHEMWEST PARTICLE REMOVAL SYSTEM MONTRESOR edge polishers are built for fast production of straight, bullnose and many other profiles on slabs and cut-to-size products. SALEM offers all 4 technologically different series of machines – LUNA, LOLA, VIVA and the new VELA 216 vertical edge polisher, perfect for backsplash fabrication. These machines satisfy the most different needs in the field of marble, granite, stone and ceramic edge polishing. They are simple, easy-to-use and innovative, for the production of all kinds of profiles on slab thicknesses between 10 mm and 100 mm. THE COMPLETE LINE OF MONTRESOR MACHINES IS EXCLUSIVE TO SALEM. CHEMWEST Particle Removal Systems, distributed by SALEM Stone, are manufactured in four sizes ranging from 50gpm to 400gpm and are designed to remove fine stone particles from cutting fluids. Removing up to 99.9% of suspended solids from cutting fluid used for cutting and grinding stone slabs, this system is considered to be a green alternative in the manufacturing process. In addition to an increased feed rate of coolant, you will find an improved edge quality, reduced downtime, and an overall lower cost of ownership. PLEASE CALL FOR PRICES: 800.234.1982 • Find out more at www.salemdist.com PLEASE CALL FOR PRICES: 800.234.1982 • Find out more at www.salemdist.com HAVE IT ALL WITH SALEM SALEM delivers success with a full line of high quality stone fabrication equipment. You can rest easy knowing that we have got you covered. CALL TODAY TO HAVE IT ALL: 800.234.1982