MACHINES 76 BRING AUTOMATION TO YOUR FACILITY! SALEM Stone and T&D Robotics, partners in technology, are providing robotic solutions for growing businesses. Ask about robotic solutions to perform ANY job: • Roughing • Cutting • Finishing • Handling • Polishing MACHINES The T&D ROBOTICS LAPISYSTEM is the robotized production system suitable for all machining processes in the stone workshop. Fast, flexible and easy to use, the LAPISYSTEM is the perfect compromise between the traditional bridge saw and the most advanced CNC. Despite its compact design, it has a large operating envelope of 3.5m high and 7m radius. It can machine all types of stone (granite, marble, sandstone, limestone etc.), and with 6 operating axes, it can perform complex 3D machining or more simple edge profiling, drilling, sawing and beveling as well as automated material handling. It can be used in the production of sculptures, kitchen worktops, shower trays, solid sinks, bath tubs, fountains, fireplaces and architectural stonework. THE COMPLETE LINE OF T&D ROBOTIC SOLUTIONS IS EXCLUSIVE TO SALEM . PLEASE CALL FOR PRICES: 800.234.1982 • Find out more at PRICING IN US DOLLARS • ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE