www.salemdist.com • 800.234.1982 MACHINES 77 MACHINE SERVICE & PERIODIC MAINTENANCE Our field service technicians are fully equipped to handle any job from minor repair to a refurbish or rebuild. We use the best technology and tools to ensure that all jobs are completed quickly but correctly giving attention to details. We guarantee that all projects are performed with utmost professionalism using quality materials. WE SERVICE THE COMPLETE LINE OF BOVONE, DENVER, MONTRESOR AND MORE! CALL THE TECHNICAL SERVICE DEPARTMENT FOR MORE INFORMATION: 1.800.234.1982 Maintaining your machinery can save you from costly downtime and expensive rebuilds. The purpose of the PMP is to assess the condition of the machine, lubricate and calibrate the machine, and do basic operator and maintenance personnel training. Basic checks are performed to identify abnormal wear and broken or missing parts. The machine is greased and oiled at all greasing and oiling points. The SALEM technician goes over the basic functions of the machine with the operator, making sure they know how to run the machine properly. BENEFITS OF A PERIODIC MAINTENANCE PROGRAM AGREEMENT • Mitigate costly unscheduled downtime. • Support from an experienced SALEM Stone technician to keep equipment in good operating condition. • Recurrent training provided for maintenance personnel and operators by an expert SALEM Stone technician. • Up to $70/Hour Labor Rate Discount for all jobs. • Up to 8% discount on all parts orders. AND the best part? There is NO cost to the customer for signing a PMP agreement regardless of the term of the agreement or frequency of visits. CALL THE TECHNICAL SERVICE DEPARTMENT FOR MORE INFORMATION: 1.800.234.1982 SALEM STONE SERVICES EQUIPMENT! KEEP YOUR EQUIPMENT RUNNING SMOOTHLY! SAVE TIME & MONEY WITH THE PERIODIC MAINTENANCE PROGRAM FROM SALEM STONE SALEM TECH-SERVICES