Technical Services

In addition to offering the best stone fabrication machinery and supplies, we provide technical service and product support for all aspects of material processing. We are committed to ensuring you get the very best out of our products and maintain uptime and maximum productivity so please contact us if we can assist you.


Steve BeerSteve Beer – Director of Technical Services/Owner
800-234-1982 ext. 231


Tooling & Products

ashley-price.jpgAshley Price – Diamond Tooling Engineer
800-234-1982 ext. 233



Eric GertkenEric Gertken - Product Specialist/Owner
800-234-1982 ext. 314



ben-ward.jpgBen Ward – Automation Integration Engineer
800-234-1982 ext. 264


SALEM Stone offers Periodic Maintenance Programs

Increase Production • Save Time & Money WITH

-Discounts on parts
-Reduced labor rates
-Pre-scheduled visits to avoid downtime
-Regularly scheduled maintenance increasing the life of your machine
-Refresher training for operator and maintenance staff

SALEM offers value added periodic maintenance packages designed to provide full support and life cycle enhancements to protect your equipment investment. We provide services from cyclic maintenance visits based on production schedule, to tracking dollars spent on parts and labor, all to avoid costly major repairs, increase performance and add years of service life to your machine.

For more information please email us: or Call today!