In-Line Polishers




The Luna 880 is an automatic edge polisher which has been specifially designed to meet the needs of companies concerned with high-production of straight, slanted and bullnose edges. This machine has a very sturdy steel structure fully machined, sandblasted and given an epoxy based undercoat with an enamel top coat to yield years of low maintenance, trouble-free performance. Eight (8) mobile frontal heads programmed by a precision synchronized mechanical transmission enable the Luna 880 to produce all types of edge profiles.


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The Luna 740 is the latest model of edge polishers from Montresor. This innovative machine is the product of years of experience and research culminating in a machine that offers versatility and superb performance. At the heart of the Luna 740, is Montresors' unique polishing head rotation system. This forward thinking design has greatly simplified this typically complicated area by eliminating the majority of expensive moving parts.

New: V-groove Attachment for LUNA 740
The new automatic V-groove device expands the capabilities of any LUNA 740. This innovative device saws an accurate double 45-degree angled cut producing two slab pieces to be glued jointly at 90 degrees creating a substantial looking edge profile.


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The new Lola 500 offers 6 frontal and 4 beveling units and optional calibrating and cutting units.

The Lola series of edge polishers are capable of polishing a mirror finish on straight edges of granite, quartz, ceramics and marble of 10-100 mm of thickness, using 4-10 frontal units.

These units are mobile, which means that they make a light oscillating movement which allows the abrasive to correct slight cutting defects.

The conveyor belt runs over wear-resistant stainless steel tracks with a guide that corresponds to special mechanical or pneumatic pressure rollers. This system guarantees stability for workpieces with a length of only 120 mm.

Each model has a base version that can be customized with extra personalized optional devices.


Overall dimensions (mm) 4186 x 1850
Min workpiece length (mm) >350/120*
Useful working width (mm) 80/60* – 2200
Useful working thickness (mm) 10 – 60
Conveyor belt speed (mm/min) 0 – 2800
Min/max electrical power installed (kW/HP) 15 – 25
Standard and maximum water consumption (l/min) 75 – 115
Standard and maximum air consumption (l/min) 12 – 20
Total weight (kg ca.) 3500

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We are proud to present the new vertical edge polisher, Vela 216, by Montresor . Thanks to an innovative double belt system, it is now possible to polish narrow work pieces from 45mm and short sides from 80mm without the help of any special devices. Changing of the tools is done from the backside, which is another very important advantage compared to other vertical edge polishers. The machine comes standard with 7 oscillating frontal units and 1+1 or 2+2 beveling units and two roller conveyors.  A multifunctional cutting unit is optional.


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Montresor Viva 220

With the VIVA 220 Montresor presents a new completely automatic machine for mitering: a double 45° cut to obtain two polished slab pieces to be glued together at 90°.

The patented V-groove unit consists of 2+2 opposing blades working at 45°. The blades cut the slab leaving 0,2-0,8 mm of uncut material on the polished side of the slab.

The complete operation is controlled by PLC, and the operator has only to set the cutting position which will establish the size of the frontal part to be glued, until a maximum of 220 mm.

The positioning of the discs is completely automatic.


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The StonEdge 10 is an 8,800 pound 10 cup type wheel edger designed to produce precision flat edges with seams on marble and granite. It is capable of producing flat edge with front and rear seams in a single pass on pieces as small as 1.96 inches square.


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