Water Treatment


Chemwest Particle Removal Systems

Chemwest Particle Removal Systems, distributed by SALEM Stone, are manufactured in four sizes ranging from 50gpm to 400gpm and are designed to remove fine stone particles from cutting fluids. Particle removal systems are designed to remove 99.9% of suspended solids from cutting fluid used for cutting and grinding stone slabs in the stone fabrication industry. Considered to be a green alternative in the manufacturing process, these particle removal systems automate and recirculate cutting/grinding fluids.

The system is used for removing particulate and fines associated with stone cutting and polishing. Fines are removed from the water supply by using a flocculent technology. Swarf is removed from the coolant delivery stream allowing an increased feed rate, improved edge quality, reduced downtime, and an overall lower cost of ownership.



  • Faster cutting speeds
  • Extended diamond tool life
  • Reduced volume of liquid effluent
  • Separation of stone particulate from the liquid which can then be treated as solid waste
  • Eliminates the need to run large centrifuge motors 24 hours/day just to keep fluids clean for reduced energy consumption

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