Dryer: Glassoven



Due to the increased flexibility and efficiency, the modular system the Glassoven represents the solution for each kind of curing requirement of coats applied on glass panels. The modern glass decoration technology uses different lacquering products that differ because of their characteristics and their chemical composition.

Ceramic enamels, organic coats, silicon-based lacquers and other special products require different drying processes with the aid of increased radiation or strong ventilation or a combination of both systems depending on the inherent characteristics of the coating product.

Due to the possibility to assembly the oven inside according to the various different needs and the dimensional modularity, the Glassoven by cefla finishing system meets all requirements regarding the glass decoration sector.

Features and Benefits

  • Completely closed structure with heat insulation for optimal heat containment while avoiding loss of heats.
  • Heat insulation for operator’s safety
  • Possibility to achieve glass panels temperatures exceeding 200 C° (400 F°) and more.
  • Panels’ conveying system composed of ceramic rollers, or alternatively, steel coated with heatproof material.
  • General elevated energy saving: the air can be heated without the use of devices that require auxiliary energy.     

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