PRICING IN US DOLLARS • ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE MACHINES 74 BRIDGE SAWS Unika 5 HT Unika 5 Solid Tecnika Tecnika Solid Skema Plus Skema Plus Solid Skema IN-LINE POLISHERS StoneEdge 10 SLAB POLISHERS Vision Vision ATC WATERJET Aqua CNC WORK CENTERS Unika 5 HT Unika 5 Solid Quota Stone 3350 Quota Stone 4200 Krea Stone FLAT POLISHING & MITERING ELB 11/45 MACHINES CNC WORK CENTERS quota vision tecnika aqua Established in 1984, DENVER's reputation stands for innovation and customer care. SALEM offers the full line of quality DENVER machines. From bridge saws and CNC workcenters to slab polishers and water jets, all offer great value with the best price-quality ratio, a user friendly interface, and a compact chassis allowing cost-savings in transport and installation. At the same time, they are tough and durable built on a monobloc steel body. They’re eco-friendly, too, saving up to 30% in energy consumption! THE COMPLETE LINE OF DENVER MACHINES IS EXCLUSIVE TO SALEM. SALEM offers vertical polishing machines to perform straight edge and seams on granite and marble slabs. High speed, quality end products and small overall dimensions are the main features of the 10 cup type wheel edger - the BOVONE STONEDGE 10. Additionally, the BOVONE ELB 11/45 is capable of flat polishing and mitering on granite, marble and ceramic. THE COMPLETE LINE OF BOVONE MACHINES IS EXCLUSIVE TO SALEM. PLEASE CALL FOR PRICES: 800.234.1982 • Find out more at PLEASE CALL FOR PRICES: 800.234.1982 Find out more at