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Reconditioned CNC OptiDrill Rimless Lens Drilling Machine



The OptiDrill, the Drill That Led The Rimless Revolution – was the first optical CNC drill designed specifically for producing perfectly aligned holes in lenses for three-piece mounts. This ingenious piece of equipment revolutionized the optical industry. It allowed any lab to affordably drill three-piece mounts with the accuracy only a computer could deliver. Today, more holes are drilled by the OptiDrill worldwide than any other units combined.


SALEM Vision

  • Buys used OptiDrills and completely reconditions them to optimal running condition
  • Sells reconditioned OptiDrills with warranties at substantial savings
  • Repairs and offers full technical support for all OptiDrills

AEM-200 FreeForm Lens Engraving System provided by SALEM Vision

Engraver Close up

The AEM-200 is an innovative laser-free ophthalmic engraving system designed to accurately and cost effectively engrave freeform lenses. Developed by opticians for opticians at Berkshire Laboratories in England, the design elegantly simplifies the engraving process by eliminating complicated and expensive components used in conventional laser engraving units. The AEM-200 features a micro-tipped stylus controlled by Berkshire Laboratories' (UK) patent pending advanced engraving system coupled with PCT technology to ensure fast and accurate engraving of freeform lenses. It also features automatic curvature control to ensure uniform markings in all bases and successfully engraves any organic, high-index, polycarbonate and TrivexTM lens materials. As with Berkshire Laboratories’ CNC OptiDrill, their new FreeForm Lens Engraver offers affordability, ease of operation and maintains optimal performance in every lab.

Maximum engraving and reliability performance

No masks required

Smooth and uniform engraving

Highest quality marking

Organic, high-index, polycarbonate and TrivexTM materials

Unique BOL AES-Technology (patent pending)

Lowest operational costs, lowest maintenance costs, lowest investment

Simple to operate with comprehensive software

Automatic curvature control for uniform markings on all bases and materials

Dimensions – 480 x 330 x 458mm (19 x 13 x 18 inches) Weight – 19.5kg (43 lbs)

The New AEM-200 FreeForm Lens Engraving System from Berkshire Laboratories available exclusively from SALEM Vision.

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